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Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
by the national captioning institute >> in a speech to the united nations general assembly, the president called a nuclear iran and tried to the existence of israel. he also condemned recent violence in muslim countries like the attack in libya. mitt romney is also weighing in on the state of the mideast right now. >> before the president appeared at the u.n., he could be seen sitting on the couch with the ladies of "the view." >> we have more on that. >> the president talking about the middle east before noon and then talking about marriage with the women of "view." >> rather than her having to steal napkins we would go ahead and is to bring the stuff to her. >> barbara walters and admits to taking from the white house. >> i like lavishing her with all kinds of attention. when she deserves it, and she always deserves it. >> she should run for office. >> she would be terrific, but temperamentally, i do not think so. >> i am not that patient. >> would be disastrous for the country if mitt romney were elected? >> and whose policies are more likely to lead us where we want to
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1